Monday, January 7, 2013

My First Speech Therapy Goal For Every Child

What is my first goal for every child?
For the child to look forward to seeing me for a second session.

How do I accomplish this positive anticipation?
By engaging the child in fun activities, complimenting (and following along with) the child's great play ideas and thoroughly enjoying our time together.  Smiling, laughing, giggling and making funny noises throughout the session is also important. :-)

What do I do when the child is upset that the session is over?
I act just as disappointed, and say to the child,
"I wish I could stay...but I can't. Wah!"
(Yes, I actually say, "Wah!" That always cracks them up.)

What if a child doesn't want to give up one of my toys?
I might try singing the clean up song:
Clean up, clean up
Everybody, everywhere
Clean up, clean up
(I sing the wrong words, which is distracting and silly,
which usually changes the mood, and the toy ends up in my bag).

Other times, if I see that the child is using the toy to practice speaking
(and it's not a "must have" toy for a different child) then
I will let the child borrow the toy until the next session.

What is my second goal for every child?
That the child will learn to use speech to confidently reach out to others;
sharing thoughts and ideas, and communicating offerings, wants and needs
effectively and efficiently.

Can I get an AMEN!

I take each child's hand and together we reach for the sky!
Miracles happen that give me goose bumps and make my eyes tear up
with pride and joy.  I truly love my job :-)

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- Noelle Michaels, MA, CCC-SLP, LDT-C
Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist
Special Educator & Learning Specialist

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